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Roof issues can be inconvenient, costly, and even dangerous if not addressed the right way. Let R&L Roofing Specialties LLC help you find the best solution with our expert roof repair services in Manor. We’ll make sure the problem is addressed the right way and that your roof lasts you a long time.

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Don't let your Roof come to this, call R&L Roofing to learn how you can have a simple leak like this fixed WITHOUT spending an Arm and a Leg on a new Roof other roofing companies will try and sell you on...

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    How to Check if Your Roof Needs Repairs


    Conduct a visual inspection of your roof. If your roof has shingles that are visibly damaged, discolored, or deformed, even only in places, then it isn’t able to properly protect your building’s interior.

    You can also look for signs of sagging and drooping. This may indicate trapped moisture that can cause rot and severe damage, especially if left alone.


    Check the ceiling in your attic. Stains could indicate leaks in your roofing. The extent of these stains will also give you an idea of how much damage there is.

    On brighter days, you can also look for signs of leaks by checking if there are light rays passing through the ceiling.


    Gutters and sidings are also part of the exterior system of your building. If you notice damages near where these parts meet the roof, it could indicate a problem there, as well.

    Check for discoloration or deformation when checking your gutters and sidings.


    If you are not the first owner of your home or place of business, check for records of repairs or replacements for your roof. They may point to a persistent issue that needs to be addressed once and for all.

    Records can also show you the actual age of your roof. Roofs usually last around 20 years before showing signs of wear and tear.


    R&L replaced our roof after storm damage. Marcelino explained everything in much greater detail than any other contractor we spoke to. His crew did a superb and fast job. Call R&L first if you need roof work done.
    William Baxter
    Happy Customer

    Expert Roof Repair in Austin, Tx

    Don’t put off having your roof issues addressed. Choosing a repair now can save you money by avoiding a replacement in the future.

    You can count on R&L Roofing Specialties LLC anytime. We provide emergency roof repair services in Manor. Our roofing solutions are guaranteed to last you the longest time possible because we only use the best materials in the market. We even provide custom sheet metal solutions.

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