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R&L replaced our roof after storm damage. Marcelino explained everything in much greater detail than any other contractor we spoke to. His crew did a superb and fast job. Call R&L first if you need roof work done.
William Baxter
Happy Customer

Decades Of Experience

R&L Roofing is lead by Marcelino Ramirez, an Austin Native and Roofing veteran with over 35 years of experience. 

Marcelino believes in providing the highest quality roofing, at an affordable rate. 

Other companies often times put profit in the short term over people and we believe this is wrong… which is why

R&L Roofing’s goal is to not just earn a job, but gain a lifelong customer. 

In doing so we know that we can provide better service to our customers and earn more than the competition in the long run… 

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Roof Repairs Austin Texas
Don't let your Roof come to this, call R&L Roofing to learn how you can have a simple leak like this fixed WITHOUT spending an Arm and a Leg on a new Roof other roofing companies will try and sell you on...

Quality Craftsmanship To last Decades

At R&L roofing whether we’re fixing a roof for your house, your hotel, your dental office, or your vacation rental, rather than cut corners and use shoddy materials, like some of our competitors, we pride ourselves on using the best quality materials each and every time so that our clients get the most roof for their money

We may not make as much profit on every job we do, and we may not be the cheapest, but 9 times out of 10 this saves our clients money and they are better off for it. 

Unfortunately not all Roofers in Austin are cut from the same shingle and some of our competition believes in pulling the wool over our customers eyes which is why we work hard to educate our customers on what is quality and what is not.

Don't Get Duped Into Buying a New roof...

Roofing sales peoples JOBS are to sell you a new roof, not consult you on what your current roof condition is, help you understand the pro’s and con’s to replacing vs repairing, and helping you find the right materials and installation timeline that meets your needs.

Their job is to make sure they’re selling new roofs. Because we have been in this business for 35 years and have a strong customer base we don’t need to sell you a roof on the first visit.

The best thing for you may be to just fix the areas of your roof that need fixing with a plan to save for a new roof in the next 5, 10 or even 15 years. 

Don’t fall for new roofing “hype”, get the facts and schedule your FREE roofing audit to learn what your roof needs in order to last. 

fall in love with Your Roof Again

Quality Workmanship

At R&L roofing we believe so much in our products and quality that we even bought our own sheet metal fabrication machine that we bring on site for homes that need custom sheet metal fabrication.

Other Roofing contractors and builders often hire us to be able to have access to high quality materials such as these on site at the right time.

New Roof Installation

Bilingual (Espanol & English)

We believe that every Central Texas owner, whether residential or commercial, deserves to have access to a quality roofing team no matter what language.

We are bilingual so we can help folks regardless of whether you speak english as your first language, second language or even third....

Hablamos español,
llámenos hoy para obtener un precio justo y preciso en techos


Roof Repairs

On Time

We're not going to give you lip service how we can get the job done in 24 hours because the truth is we may not be able to.

It depends.

On what size the property is, how much other work we have, what area of town you're in, and the demand for roofing at the time you need.

What we do promise is to always give you a fair and accurate timeline of when we can get the job done and to show up when we say we will, do the job RIGHT, and deliver on our promise when we say we will.

Roof Coatings

Very Responsive

We understand that communication is key in the fast moving, technology driven world of today.

We understand you're busy and you need to know that the work you hired us for is getting done, right, and on the appropriate timeline.

So we will communicate with you every step of the way and ensure that you know when we're going to be there, when we're going to start, finish and then what we need from you to make the job smooth and seamless.

Because that's what we would expect of a quality roofing team in Austin.

Community Oriented

We believe in giving back to our community, to helping those who are in need, and in educating and supporting our customers and clients how we can.

Whether that be by providing jobs in the community, clean ups, hosting education events or education lives to bring awareness of the roofing industry, or simply through our actions to make local Austin, and the surrounding areas, more beautiful through our roofing efforts.

Roof Replacements & Reroofs

Financing Options For Everyone's Needs

We always recommend that new customers consider a FREE roofing audit to determine the condition your roof is in before committing to buying a new roof.

If you've already determined that you need a new roof, have a large project, or simply are struggling to afford our roofing services then we do provide financing available through our partnership with Hearth.

You can get pre-qualified without a hard pull on your credit, estimate monthly payments and get access to 13 different lenders all while still in your pj's drinking your first cup of coffee.

R&L roofing Is YOUR Roofing Team

Don't waste time calling overpriced contractors or teams that don't get the job done right the first time, or the second, call R&L Roofing for all your roofing needs so that you can rest easy at night knowing your Roof is safe, secure and designed to last.

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